Athlete Highlight!

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Athlete Highlight!

Khloé, a member of the MFA Provincial Team has been awarded the Award of Sport Excellence for the Young Athlete Category. The award ceremony will be held at Sport Manitoba’s Athlete Hall of Fame on January 29th, 2020. During this ceremony, a video clip of Khloé ‘s a accomplishments will be viewed as well as receiving a prize.

Khloé’s Accomplishments:

Since the age of ten, Khloé has shown a passion and finesse for fencing. She became a member of the Rapier fencing club in November 2016 and by May of that same year, she was invited to join the provincial fencing team. Since then, her young sabre fencing career has made great strides. Khloé has won 10 provincial tournament medals as well as 3 Canada Cup West medals. At 12 years old, she won her first National silver medal in the U15 women’s sabre category.

In 2018, Khloé won Sport Manitoba’s Women To Watch grant. In June 2019, she was awarded with several certificates and a medal of recognition: the Sport Manitoba Order of Sport Excellence and the MFA Highest Ranked Woman’s Sabre. Lastly, Khloé received a letter of recognition from the Honorable Cathy Cox, minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage.

What is most impressive about Khloé is not the medals or recognitions but rather her endless dedication to fencing, her commitment, her resilience, her time and energy devoted to fencing. On average, Khloé trains 8-10 hours plus travels another 6 hours a week from her home in Richer to Winnipeg. What a huge undertaking for a young 13 year old girl!

More outstanding is Khloé ‘s pursuit of excellence in fencing and this, always achieved with modesty and integrity. Khloé is most certainly an ambassador for all girls seeking sport excellence!

Well done Khloé! We’ll be watching for what’s next on your journey in sport.