Fencing Programs Near You

Fencing Clubs are Opening:

As summer winds down, clubs open up!  Coaches are certified and ‘Respect in Sport’ trained.

Click on the club name for more information:

Cavalier Fencing Club – Classes start September 16, Deer Lodge area

Lightning Fencing Club – Open houses September 16 and 18, St. James area

Phoenix Fencing Club – Classes ongoing, Fort Rouge area

Rapier Fencing Club – Classes start late September, St. Boniface area



COVID-19 Update – Vaccination Status and Sport

COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Sport

According to Dr. Brent Roussin, youth under the age of 18 years do not require COVID 19 vaccinations to participate in sports; this is similar to policies in Manitoba’s schools.   Subject to change according to the number of active cases in the province.  CTV News video here (link).