MSG from the Provincial Coach- MFA 1

A message from our Provincial Coach, Ayach Bounachada, regarding the first tournament of the year, the MFA 1 Open:

“Dear Athletes,

Exactly 23 months since we did organise our last local tournament. Today was a big day for Manitoba Fencing- a big day for our athletes, coaches, and parents as well. The first tournament of this new season went excellent. We really didn’t expect so many participants. Our athletes were extreamly happy being in the venue competing and praticing their favourite and best sport.

For that occasion, I have to thank the MFA Board who backed and pushed for the organisation of  that tournament – also a big thanks to the MFA staff for preparing and doing their best to run it.
Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in the venue set up and take down.
Thanks to all our officials to make the tournament happen.
Thanks to all the coaches who have advertised the event and were behind their athletes while fencing.
And finally, a special thanks to Zach Allard who accepted to do the armourer job to make sure the tournament happened and wasn’t able to coach his own athletes for parts of the day.

To finish a BIG BRAVO to all the athletes for their great performance, even after not competiting for almost two years!


Thanks and have a great evening!!”