The Manitoba Fencing Association (MFA) is a provincial sports organization committed to the promotion and development of the sport of fencing in Manitoba. It serves athletes, coaches, and other community members by providing training programs, organizing competitions, and fostering a community for fencing participants. The MFA operates with the larger framework of the Canadian Fencing Federation, ensuring national standards and opportunities are accessible to its members.

2023-24 Board of Directors

President: Maire Prokopowich

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Andy Beardsall

Secretary: Scott Wood

VP Technical: Noah Merz Lakser

VP Athlete: Daria Jorquera-Palmer

Director at Large: Simon Scott

Club Representatives:

  • Cavalier: Neil Smith
  • Lightning: Seema Goel
  • Rapier: Beth Barclay-Goddard


Executive Director: Sean Rathwell

Email: fencing@sportmanitoba.ca
Phone: 204-925-5696

Provincial Coach: Ayach Bounachada

Email: fencingcoach@sportmanitoba.ca

Assistant Coach: Daria Jorquera-Palmer

Assistant Coach: Zach Allard

Assistant Coach: Noah Merz Lakser